Saturday, October 10, 2009

Be a fan of "Skill", not just a "Knowledge" fan !!!

Dear you,

Don't we tend to over-emphasize Knowledge but not enough on the Skills. I often see not enough clarity between the two in the minds of people. Until very recently i hav been guilty of mixing the two myself. Well, I would NOT say that i got it all figured out but i would call this musing yet another small step in the never ending J2M :-).

Knowledge is a necessary but not a sufficient condition. It is very apparent with its' focus on "Know"ing .. it is right there in the word, is n't it? . However, skill emphasizes the "do" in other words action part of the equation. Now, just to get ourselves a little energized on the "Skills" aspect i have gotten aroud writng this musing, can't really call it a poetry :-( ..


Can we become fans of acquiring the necessary "Skill"

However it would require definite "Will"
Might involve taking a bitter "Pill"
Surely there is considerable "Drill"
So that eventually for us, the task becomes run-of-the-"Mill"

Now, are we willing to "kill" all our "ill"s in getting there?
Not pursuing this might result in a hefty "Bill"
Well, we may never get our complete "Fill"
However, should it stop from figuring out our "Gill"s?

Now do i hear you(the reader) saying "Chill" :-)
I hope i have not gone over the "hill"
Because the task at hand is not really that "uphill"
And a real skill fan will tell us about the "thrill"

With this i rest my "appeal".


Note : I acknowledge Sudip Majumdar(LBS colleague) for providing the initial fodder on this thread. First few lines are entirely his from a training program few months ago, i have just extended the idea fuerther.

-J2M (Journey to Mastery - Hopefully it is not a Mystery :-)

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