Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Becoming a “hip” presenter ..

Dear Friend / Colleage,

For the past two days i.e. 11th and 12th Jan 2010, i took opportunity to be part of “School for Talent Transformer” conducted Dale Carnegie(DC)’s High Impact Presentation in short HIP program. While i did experience this program in a different format around 3.5 yrs ago, this time i was in much better frame of mind to extract lot more learning from the program.

The Power of the program is an excellent combination of Learning by Doing as well as Learning by Observing others’ doing their respective presentations. Every participant over the course of 2 days - will make as many as 6 presentations (each ranging from 2 to 3 minutes) - which provides a lot of scope for “Doing” and ofcourse with a big multiplication factor for observation too. Sudip Majumdar is undoutedly a facilitator-par-excellence particularly when it comes to HIP. All other participants (12 people other than me) brought a great deal of expertise to the table which made the program highly engaging and worthwhile. My sincere thanks and appreciation to each of the Talent Transformer in the program and anyway i will be marking this individually to everyone in the program.

The rich interaction and lively experience in the program made me come up with several expressions (paraphrased learning statements) at different points of the program. Fundamentally HIP is about stretching otherwise self imposed limits of the Learners by putting them in situations that otherwise Learners are unlikely lead themselves into. Here are few of the expressions i had managed to paraphrase at different points of the program, based on the discussions unfolding during the program. While i managed to paraphrase these statements, the credit for these expressions should be equally shared by the Facilitator (Sudip), the Cameraman(Prakash) and the co-participants of the program, as they have created the excellent learning environment that i had experienced for past two days !!!

1. A little “Stretch” can “etch” your memory but more importantly can “fetch” you THE results you have been looking for ..

2. You can’t afford a “bias” when on a “dias” (This is to emphasize the need for the speaker to focus on both his/her left as well as right sides during presentation).

3. If you want to make an “Impact” can’t afford to be “compact” - About right sizing the Font on ppt slides.

4. Handling “hot” situations well can turn the presentations into a “hit”. In other words be “sure” to handle the “pressure” situation.

5. Sometimes the success of the presentations is dependent on “owning” the material without “moaning”. This is when someone else created it.

6. Don’t let your slides “slide” you into choas .. another way of saying “avoid death by power point slides”.

7. A right “analogy” can possibly save a later “apology” . About power of examples and analogies during Presentations.

And last but the most important one and i am using Sudip’s expression as-is :

8. One should n’t forget to smile :-). Smile is the curved line that can make many things straight.
Jagan Mantha a.k.a J2M

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