Sunday, September 6, 2009

India has got Talent !!!

Dear You,

I am not very big on either TV or films. This includes watching all kinds of talent and reality shows. However, upon hearing very favorable things about the Colors TV Channel program by name “India has got Talent”, I took opportunity to watch the entire final episode on 23rd Aug’09. I am very pleased with myself that I was able to do it. It is a great reaffirmation to the emphatic title of the program. Straightaway jumping to watch the final of a Talent show means that you are only viewing stuff that has already been validated by thousands of viewers multiple times over.

A very nice thing about the show is about the multiple formats allowed all in the same game. Basically a clear validation of the fact that Talent comes in all sizes and shapes. Although it does means the viewer has to choose between two things that compare like Apples vs. Oranges during the voting process purely on the basis of appeal alone. I guess it was not a mere coincidence that I happen to vote for Prince Dance troop (as it is evident that many other people too voted for them – given that they emerged the final winners). However there was lot of temptation to vote for few other teams as well such as
• Ventriloquism-cum-puppet show of Satyajit
• The impressive act by folks from Ujjain
• The excellent orchestra played by the 3 person band (by name MSonic) from Gauhati, Assam.

As I claim no significant expertise in either film or TV, I seek to use this point to connect to the fact that there can not possibly be a one-dimensional view to talent or for that matter Intelligence (IQ).

The theory of multiple intelligences was first proposed by Howard Gardner in 1983 and he defined that there are as many as eight different types of intelligences that human beings possess. The exhibit below clearly outlines them all as well as the indicative professions for someone high on a given type of intelligence (IQ)

These are:

1. Bodily-kinesthetic: where physical activity and muscular movement is involved. People who are oriented towards this typically learn better by getting up and moving around.
2. Inter-personal: people with high amount of inter personal intelligence, they tend to be extroverts. They have high sensitivity to others moods, feelings and motivations and they are known for their ability to cooperate in order to work as part of a group.
3. Verbal-linguistic: These people are good with words – spoken or written. They are good at explaining, writing, teaching or public speaking.
4. Logical-mathematical: This is domain of logic, reasoning, abstraction and numbers. This is most traditional area of IQ(Intelligence Quotient).
5. Naturalistic: It was originally not there but subsequently added. People with greater sensitivity towards nature and their place in it, while deeply caring about sustainability aspects can be considered here.
6. Intrapersonal: This area has to do with introspection (looking inward) and reflective capabilities. Usually people with this type of intelligence are highly self aware, capable of understanding their own emotions, goals and motivations.
7. Visual-spatial: People with this intelligence are very good at visualizing and mentally manipulating objects. Now-a-days when small kids go and learn the Abacus (Maths) through special tutoring, they are actually working on their visual and spatial skills to improve their math abilities.
8. Musical: This area has to do with rhythm, music and hearing, basically a potential A R Rahman.

It is quite possible for people to possess more than one intelligence and combine these in many creative ways to bring about good effects that otherwise unimagined so far.

So, instead of asking a question such as how Intelligent (smart) you are, a better question would be to ask how you are intelligent (smart) – in other words, ask yourself which of the above eight intelligences do you associate yourself most with? And are you prepared to work on that shaping that intelligence further as it can provide you a very fruitful career ahead.

So, in what way you are smart (Talented)? Let the other smart (Talented) people know ..

J2M (Journey to Mastery – Hopefully it is not a Mystery :-))


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  2. I myself was so happy, not sure exactly why but cried sometimes on watching the varied talent in my country. How d crippled kids managed to reach the semi's, hw a guy who cudnt hear n speak was able to dance on songs wid complete expressions, hw d farmers who r unable to make their livelihood managed to win dis..andr grt reason y i m proud to be an indian..:)