Saturday, September 12, 2009

On "lee"SHUN" ing (listening)

Dear you,

Lee'SHUN'ing is the No. 1 element in getting to an Effective Communika'SHUN'.
However sometimes we 'SHUN' this either aware or unaware.

Almost everyone agrees that lee'SHUN'ing is very important, but most don't do enough.
Does n't it sound a big 'SHAM'?

Can better lee'SHUN'ing be a personal me'SHUN' (mission) for everyone of us?
Because talking much and lee'SHUN'ing less is the usual situa'SHUN' (situation) more often that not.

Does life afford such ku'SHUN' (cushion) ? I wonder !!!
From today, let better lee'SHUN'ing SHINE in every interaction of ours !!!

-J2M (Journey to Mastery - Hopefully it is not a mystery)

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