Wednesday, September 2, 2009


Dear You,

Have you played the game “Rock – Scissors – Paper” before? The game is sometimes is used a selection method in a similar way to flipping a coin or throwing a dice in order to choose a winner. Apparently kindergarten kids in different parts of the world play this quite a bit. I learned it myself from my brother's four and half year old son.

Played between two people, the game is really simple. Each player needs to pick one of the three possible options and flash it to the opponent while opponent also does the same. Both need to draw out their options in the same instance.

Rock is represented by clenched fist
Scissors is represented by two fingers indicating the Scissors
Paper is indicated by one’s palm kept in horizontal direction – indicating flat surface. The rules of the game are simple although little unexpected and fun.

Rock beats Scissors (as it can break the scissors). Scissors beats Paper (as it can cut through it) . The surprise package is that Paper beats Rock (as it can wrap around it). Remember it is the rules, so you can’t argue against them. And whenever the same symbol is drawn out by both Players – it is a tie – meaning no one scores over the other and they need to play further until one person wins.
So it is a game of intransitive relationship at work and not the conventional transitive relationship of A > B, B > C implying A > C. If you don’t get the game right away, no worries – best way to learn it is play it with a friend or colleague immediately. Do it now.

So, what is the big idea of “Rock – Scissors – Paper”? Given the three options which one you see yourself as? Rock, scissors (or) paper? Whatever be the option, you win against one but lose against another.

In my sincere view this is an important life lesson that applies to learning as well as success in life. While you could be better than someone else in your own work or study group at the same time someone else in your group is definitely better than you and you are better than someone else in some unique way. Is n’t it the truth? May not be against the same attribute but could be for a very different attribute because no single attribute (like academic achievement) alone tilts the scales of success either in life or in corporate career. A completely different attribute like “self confidence or willingness to explore the unfamiliar areas” may turn out to be more important, particularly during challenging times like the current times. Is n’t it?

So on a closing note, I would like to say that key to success in life is based on keen observation and appreciation of positive characteristics every one around you. Your initiative towards learning and sharing with in your study or work group will be more important than ever – in these times of immense challenge. No one can possibly do it alone and we all need to win the game together.
Feel free to post your comments and reactions on the thread.
J2M (Journey to Mastery – Hopefully it is not a Mystery :-)

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