Sunday, November 15, 2009

Humour in (and as) medicine by Dr K P Misra

Dear Friend/Colleage,

Somehow stumbled upon this little joke book and sure there are few rib tickling while thought provoking takes in this book. Already tweating a couple of jokes on this - but doing a plain mail as well, in the beginning of the week. Hope it brightens your week ahead .. have a great week :-)

1. What is the epitaph on a Dentist's grave?
"This is the last cavity he filled"

2. Dr Misra being a senior consultant and cardiologist gives many lectures on hypertension and obesity etc and he frequent take in his lectures is
"Lifeline is inversely proportional to the WaistLine" :-).
The expression in Hindi is even better. "Jitni badi kamar hai - utni kam umar hai"

3. Expectedly Dr Misra talks a lot of benefits of regular exercise and in particular walking regularly as its beneficial effect in reducing blood pressure and reducing heart attack.

Then he adds that now-a-days nobody is walking regularly except for Opposition members in the parliament or respective assemblies. On the same thread one of his friends, once countered him - who said the art of walking is lost. How else i go from my house to the car garage? :)

It is just a Rs 60 book available from Flipkart :

Jagan a.k.a J2M

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