Thursday, November 12, 2009

Making Employees Better by Helping Them Get Worse

Dear Friend / Colleague,
Yes, you have read the title right. Don't freak out just as yet :). And don't think this is merely a title, that is using an unexpected caption just to get your attention, although this is also true to some extent. This ChangeThis manifesto - which is a fair peek into new book by a David Rendall, that you might want to check out, if you think you want want to explore newer ways of working with your employees/directs in order to derive the best from them. The key point is ofcourse, we need to leverage people's strengths rather than harp on weaknesses, is ofcourse well understood. But this message is delivered rather effectively (in my view) in a refreshingly new light. The concept of re-framing as talked in the book is really an interesting way to look at the overall big picture.
Thank you
Jagan a.k.a J2M
The Freak Factory: Making Employees Better by Helping Them Get Worse - by David Rendall
"If conventional approaches aren’t working, then what should we do? Instead of attacking people’s weaknesses, we need to find the strength that is hidden inside their apparently negative characteristics. It is time to stop trying to create well-rounded and balanced employees. We need employees that are unbalanced.
We need employees that are freaks. It is time to build a freak factory."

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