Monday, November 16, 2009

Laughter - is n’t it indeed beautiful?

Dear Friend / Colleague,
These days i am on an accumulation mode - for taking a view on lighter side of life. One such takes is enclosed below :
Two venerable academicians returning from Nagpur Science congress were travelling in the same coupe. The one on the upper birth snored like a lion in distress and the other spent the night turning on his berth cursing.
When morning came the snorer got down, yawned and asked him companion, “Professor did you have a sound sleep”?
“Well” retored the victim bitterly, I had the sound and you had the sleep.
As my wife these days has been complaining with lot more “sound” about my “sleep” or rather my snoring, this joke made an instant connection with me :-).
As a practice i normally cite all my references and this extract came from “Academic Jokes” by S M Mathur.
Jagan a.k.a J2M

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